Training Video DVD: History Channel - Modern Marvels Food Staples Bundle Save $45

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Training Video DVD:  History Channel - Modern Marvels Food Staples Bundle Save $45


Training Video DVD: History Channel - Modern Marvels Food Staples Bundle Save $45

The History Channel's Modern Marvels series is one of the most fascinating and informative video programs on TV and many of its topics are about the food business. Purchase all 7 food staples titles at once and save $45.. Titles include: Cheese, Chocolate, , Milk, Nuts, Sugar, The Butcher and The Pig. .

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Training Video DVD: History Channel - Modern Marvels Food Staples Bundle Save $18


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Training Video DVD: History Channel - Modern Marvels Food Staples Bundle Save $45
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Modern Marvels Complete Food Series  7 DVDs  50 minutes each  Many are Closed Captioned  History Channel


The History Channel's Modern Marvels series is one of the most fascinating and informative video programs on TV. The series is famous for its brilliant and wonderfully detailed coverage of technical and industrial subjects, of which many are about foodservice and food manufacturing. brings you these food titles because they are essential backgrounders to the food business, and not only are they highly educational but they're fun to watch too!

SAVE $45.00 Developed by the world-renowned History Channel, this food staple library of DVDs are grouped in a specially priced bundle. Titles in the bundle include:

  1. Cheese
  2. Chocolate
  3. Milk
  4. Nuts
  5. Sugar
  6. The Butcher
  7. The Pig


From cheddar to brie, Parmesan to blue, take a look at both ancient techniques and new technologies behind some of the world's most popular cheeses. Visit the cow pastures of Wisconsin to the giant cheese factories of California to discover how cheese is made. Travel through history from the Roman Empire's diversity of cheeses to the 19th Century birth of industrial cheese.


Americans eat over three and a half billion pounds of chocolate each year--that's 12 pounds per person per year with annual sales topping $13 billion! Take a tour through the entire chocolate making process and learn how chocolate has been thought of as an energizer, an aphrodisiac and a cure-all. Watch as colorful M&Ms are made by the millions at Mars. Visit a working cacao bean farm in Central America for a demonstration of the hand harvesting techniques that have remained unchanged for centuries. To the delight of those who indulge, this awesome edible is now even good for you--full of antioxidants, cholesterol-lowering polyphenols, and heart-healthy flavonols.


Got milk? Billions of pounds of milk are consumed worldwide on a daily basis. Milk is the basis for its own food group, and has been around since the dawn of mammals. Visit a farm with a milking parlor that looks more like a cow merry-go-round. Learn what pasteurization is really all about, and even milk a yak. Find out what those active cultures in yogurt are and discover if milk truly makes the body good. Wait until you discover just how many types of cows there truly are.


Pintsized as a pea or big as a bowling ball, nutritional, durable, and versatile, nuts have been a staple of the human diet since time began, and archaeological evidence places them among our earliest foods. For that, the ancients worshiped them. And because they were relatively non-perishable, nuts sustained the imperial armies of Rome and China, the royal navies of England and Spain, and the native tribes that roamed the American wilderness. Today, we think of nuts as mere snacks, but in a poignant segment, we feature how a peanut product is used by organizations like UNICEF to reverse malnutrition in starving children in less than four weeks. And a powder ground from walnut shells cleans everything from ship hulls to the Space Shuttle. From ancient traditions of tree-picking and hand-gathering to today's powerful machine shakers, sophisticated irrigation techniques, and the latest bio-science, we'll provide a spread of history that's just as smooth as your peanut butter!


The sugar industry came of age on the backs of slaves toiling in Caribbean fields, and British desire to control production of sugar and its byproduct, rum. Sugar also played a surprisingly critical part in America's battle for independence. Tour a sugar plantation on Maui, Hawaii to get an inside look at how cane sugar is produced today and learn how the sugar stalks are put through an extensive process of extraction and purification--and how a ton of harvested cane results in 200 pounds of raw sugar. Learn the technology behind creating the sweetener in all of its permutations, including corn syrup, brown sugar, powdered sugar and cube sugar, and how it's used in candies, soda and sauces as well as more exotic uses such as in pipe tobacco and processed meat.

The Butcher

In a carnivorous world, a butcher is a necessary link in the food chain, carving a carcass of unsavory flesh into mouthwatering cuts. We trace the grizzly trade's evolution--from yesteryear's butcher-on-every-corner to today's industrial butcher working on a "disassembly" line. We tour the infamous remains of the Chicago Stockyards, where Upton Sinclair, Clarence Birdseye, and refrigeration changed butchering forever; witness high-speed butchering; and travel to a non-stop sausage factory. And if you're still squeamish, a USDA inspector offers the lowdown on HAACP--the country's new system of checks and balances on everything from quality grading to E. coli, Salmonella, and Mad Cow Disease. Finally, we visit the last bastion of old-school butchering--the rural custom butcher, who slaughters, eviscerates, skins, and cuts to his customer's wishes.

The Pig

It is said that the pig is as smart as a three-year-old human. The pancreas, heart valve and intestines of the pig have been transplanted into human bodies, yet the primary use of the pig is for food. Watch the pig transform into bacon, ham, ribs and sausage, using a high tech water knife, at Burger's Smokehouse in Missouri. Then Chef Chris Cosentino re-creates old world dishes from pig parts and culinary artisans attempt to duplicate long-vanished pork specialties like prosciutto and acorn-fed pigs.

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