Training Video DVD: History Channel - Modern Marvels Food Business Bundle Save $30

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Training Video DVD:  History Channel - Modern Marvels Food Business Bundle Save $30


Training Video DVD: History Channel - Modern Marvels Food Business Bundle Save $30

The History Channel's Modern Marvels series is one of the most fascinating and informative video programs on TV and many of its topics are about the food business. Purchase all 6 food business technology titles at once and save $30.. Titles include: BBQ Tech, Breakfast Tech, Canning, Drive-Thru, Fast Food Tech and The Supermarket.

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Training Video DVD: History Channel - Modern Marvels Food Business Bundle Save $30


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Training Video DVD: History Channel - Modern Marvels Food Business Bundle Save $30
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Modern Marvels Food Business Bundle  6 DVDs  50 minutes each  Many are Closed Captioned  History Channel


The History Channel's Modern Marvels series is one of the most fascinating and informative video programs on TV. The series is famous for its brilliant and wonderfully detailed coverage of technical and industrial subjects, of which many are about foodservice and food manufacturing. brings you these food titles because they are essential backgrounders to the food business, and not only are they highly educational but they're fun to watch too!

SAVE $30.00 Developed by the world-renowned History Channel, this library of food business technology DVDs are grouped in a specially priced bundle. Titles in the bundle include:

  1. BBQ Tech
  2. Breakfast Tech
  3. Canning
  4. Drive-Thru
  5. Fast Food Tech
  6. The Supermarket.

BBQ Tech

An old-fashioned style of cooking, barbecue has evolved into a modern food craze and spawned a multi-billion dollar industry. We digest famous barbecue cook-offs and visit long-established barbecue restaurants like Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City, where the huge grills and taste thrills of true barbecue are more popular than ever. At home, three out of four US households own a grill. After WWII's end, the phenomenon of backyard barbecuing swept the nation, thanks to inexpensive and mass-produced grills, including the kettle-shaped Weber. Our tour of Weber's modern factories shows how they keep pace with demand by manufacturing more choices than ever, including portable mini-grills. We also examine the variety of fuels available for the savory selection of spicy sauces and rubs. Join us as we devour the mouthwatering flavors of BBQ in this episode.


It's the unsung essential of modern life. Canning is the method of a preserving and packaging food, without which civilization would never have ventured beyond the local food supply. It changed the way the world eats and revolutionized the food industry. There are self-heating and self-cooling cans, microwaveable cans, ozone safe aerosol cans and cans that store nuclear waste. We will explore where canning has been, where it is now and where it is going in the future.

Breakfast Tech

It slices and squeezes, sorts and sizes, mixes and cooks. Every morning we count on it to keep our orange juice fresh, our eggs whole, our cereals flaked, and our McGriddle syrupy--this is Breakfast Tech. Aboard the aircraft carrier USS Stennis, we'll see how technology makes it possible for chefs to prepare a fresh and nutritious breakfast for five thousand hungry sailors. We will take you to the Tyson Foods factory where thousands of pork bellies are dissected into savory, smoked slices of bacon and at the Sunkist Orange Juice Factory, we'll watch a million oranges get squeezed to a pulp. For those on the go, it's a tour of a McDonald's factory to see the McGriddle pancake being made. If you eat breakfast and you're not afraid to see where it came from, join us on this tasty journey.


Join us for a ride through the history of car-culture commerce from the first gas station to the drive-thru funeral parlors and wedding chapels of today. We chronicle the birth of the first drive-in restaurants that paved the way for a billion-dollar fast food dynasty, and feature many lesser-known drive-thru venues, such as dry cleaners, flu shot clinics, liquor stands, and drug stores. And we'll take a journey to the future to see what products might be passing through the drive-thru of tomorrow.

Fast Food Tech

Can fast food get any faster? Fast food joints in the US pull in $150 billion dollars in annual sales. Their mantra is "fast, consistent, and inexpensive." Learn how they grow it, process it, freeze it, ship it, track it, fry it, flip it and pack it. Watch as hundreds of burgers, fries and shakes fly across counters and drive-thru windows at Carl's Jr., Jack in the Box, Wendy's and McDonald's. Visit a potato-processing plant for the scoop on how fries are made and learn how Taco Bell's founder developed the fast-food hard shell taco. Find out what the future holds for fast food technology.

The Supermarket

Our basic need and desire for food has made the supermarket one of the great success stories of modern retailing. Making customers' visits to the market as efficient as possible has led to many technological advancements such as bar coding and a scale that recognizes the type of produce placed on it. We'll explore the psychology of the supermarket including store layout, lighting, music and aromas that trigger the appetite. With a growing percentage of the public interested in eating healthier foods, organic grocers are carving out an increasingly large niche. These are just a few of the items worth checking out in this appetizing hour.

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