Local Pager Systems / Paging / Beepers: Push-for-Service Wireless Pager System

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Local Pager Systems / Paging / Beepers: Push-for-Service Wireless Pager System


LRS Pager System: Butler II One Button Push-for-Service Paging System

This system is ideal for simple paging requirements such as push-for-service service counter buttons or calling managers to the front of the house when things get busy. The set includes an LRS Butler II one-button push-for-service transmitter, one alphanumeric text display pager with belt clip, programming software and USB cable. In addition to its push-for-service button, the Butler II may also be triggered by optional wired remote doorbell switches or door/window sensors.

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Butler II Service Pager System Details


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LRS Pager System: Butler II One Button Push-for-Service Paging System
Product ID: LRS-1605-1-00232
Revised: 6/1/2018

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DO NOT ORDER THIS ITEM. This Butler II item has been replaced by similar PRONTO and Butler XP items. Butler II items are not currently available. Please search on "Pronto" or "Butler XP" within for similar items.

This item is a simple paging system with one LRS Butler II one-button transmitter and one alphanumeric text display pager.

Place the Butler II transmitter anywhere indoors that you wish anyone to contact your staff with the push of a button. This system is ideal for simple paging requirements such as push-for-service service counter buttons or alerting staff to come to locked doors. In restaurants, use this to call the manager to the hostess station or cashier's counter when things get either too hectic to look around or so slow that the staff seems to disappear.

The button can be programmed to address more than one pager so groups can be alerted simultaneously.

The Butler II transmitter has a port or "trigger" feature that connects to simple wired switches such as doorbells or door/window sensors so the transmitter can be activated remotely (and to keep the transmitter secure or protected from the weather). See the reference to the Doorbell Kit below under Related Products.

Transmitter Features

The Butler ll's unusual features include:

  • One-touch operation
  • Programmable button
  • Text messaging for alphanumeric pagers
  • Flexible programming using your PC
  • Battery power for portability
  • Input port for door sensor or doorbell options
  • Low cost

Programmable Buttons and Ports

The Butler II one-button has one button which can be programmed to transmit a specific message depending on the pager type being used. The button is programmed using software that runs on your PC and then the program is downloaded from the PC to the Butler transmitter using a USB cable.

The button can be programmed to:

  • Signal any single pager
  • Signal groups of pagers
  • Send any text message to alphanumeric pagers (up to 200 letters)

The Butler II has one port which may be connected to simple switchs such as doorbells or door sensors. The port is programmed for the same effects as the button for pagers signaled and messages sent. In addition, ports are programmed for their normal switch status as "normally open" or "normally closed". Multiple switches may be wired in parallel so any switch in the circuit triggers the transmitter.

Transmitter Features

  • UHF Frequency (467.75 mgh)
  • Quality - it's durable and user friendly
  • Scalable - add units to the system at any time
  • Battery Operated - 3 AAA batteries
  • 1 user-configurable trigger (port) (can be used to monitor doors and much more)
  • Compact - 1.5"w x 7"h x .875"
  • Software included for custom message programming
  • Messaging is detailed and fully customizable
  • Easy to install and use

Differences between Butler II and Butler XP Transmitters

  • Butler II is for indoor use only; Butler XP can be kept outdoors.
  • Butler XP has tamper-resistant mounts; Butler II does not.
  • Butler II has a connection port so doorbells and door sensors can trigger a transmission; Butler XP does not.
  • Butler II works with guest, server and manager (text) pagers; Butler XP only works with manager pagers.
  • Butler XP has auto-repage and shadow paging features; Butler II does not.
  • Butler XP comes in a variety of colors; Butler II is black only.

Alphanumeric Pager Features

  • Beeper-style pager with belt clip.
  • Beeps and/or vibrates.
  • Vibrate, beep, and lockdown alert modes
  • Four-line display with true alpha characters (that automatically switches between 2- and 4-lines depending on the message length)
  • Holds up to 25 messages
  • Works with most LRS transmitters
  • Displays custom and preprogrammed alphanumeric messages
  • Uses one AAA Battery that lasts three to four months.
  • Low battery indicator
  • Automatic backlight
  • Automatic On/Off increases battery life
  • Pager cradle (if the clip breaks only the cradles needs replacement)
  • Supports up to 5 groups
  • Onsite programmability
  • Set time and date from any LRS transmitter
  • Optional wrist band is available (especially handy for pool and beach service)

You can call us at 805-375-7000 to place your order or you can order your system components using the shopping cart here at

Kit Contents

This system kit includes the following:

  • One, one-button Butler II transmitter
  • One alphanumeric text pager (model E467)
  • One programming kit with USB cable and software CD
  • (Doorbell and door sensor kits are sold separately)

Expansion Features

This system kit can be expanded in various ways:

  • Multiple transmitters can be added (i.e., use transmitters in multiple rooms).
  • Multiple pagers can be added (i.e., multiple pagers can respond alike).
  • Repeater transmitters can be added to greatly extend range.
  • Doorbell and door sensor kits can be added.

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  • One-year warranty on transmitter, pagers and charger
  • 24/7 technical support

Return Policy

Returnable within 14 days of delivery. Refunds are less a 15% restocking charge, shipping and charge card merchant fees (if applied).

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