Restaurant Books / Bar Opening: FSP GUIDE TO Controlling Liquor, Wine & Beverage Costs

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Food Service Professional GUIDE TO Series Books


The Food Service Professional GUIDE TO Controlling Liquor, Wine & Beverage Costs

Provides practical and realistic examples on controlling costs. Part of the new GUIDE TO series from the editors of the Food Service Professional Magazine, this is one the best and most comprehensive books for serious food service operations available today.

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Food Service Professional
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The Food Service Professional GUIDE TO Controlling Liquor, Wine & Beverage Costs


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The Food Service Professional GUIDE TO Controlling Liquor, Wine & Beverage Costs
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Revised: 6/1/2023

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Controlling Liquor Wine & Beverage Costs

Part of the new GUIDE TO series from the editors of the Food Service Professional Magazine, this is one the best and most comprehensive books for serious food service operations available today. This step-by-step guide is easy to read and understand, with the information "boiled down" to its essence. Filled to the brim with up-to-date and pertinent information, this book cover all the bases, providing clear explanation and helpful, specific information.

  • Provides practical and realistic examples on controlling costs
  • Real-world, time-tested examples from the experts
  • Step-by-step descriptions of tools and techniques used to control costs

Table of Contents

  1. Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Grasp the Basics about Budgeting
    • Choose the Right Budget Plan for Your Business
    • Adapt Your Chosen Budget Plan to Suit Your Establishment
    • Budget Control - Introduce Cost-Effective Initiatives
    • Develop a Forecasting Strategy That is Relevant and Realistic
    • Make Forecasting Work for Your Establishment
    • Budgeting and Beyond - Look to the Future
    • Computerized Budgeting and Forecasting
    • Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis - The Key to Budgetary Success
    • Monitoring Your Budget Plan
  2. Costing, Margins & Cash Control
    • The Basic Mathematics of Profitability
    • Measuring Bottle Yield
    • Drink Pricing for Optimum Profits
    • Take a Fresh Look at How You Apply Your Pricing Strategy
    • Markups - Where to Pitch It
    • Bar Cash-Control Procedures
    • Tighten Up Daily Cash Procedures
    • Take the Hassle out of Cash Reconciliation
    • Gross Profits - The Lowdown
    • Common Cash-Control Problems - Troubleshooting
  3. Purchasing
    • Customize a Buying Strategy That Reduces Costs
    • Tighten Up Your Purchasing Procedures
    • Buy Quality
    • A Good Purchasing Security System Can Save You Big Bucks
    • Keep Purchasing Procedures Simple
    • Define Your Purchasing Duties
    • Streamline Your Receiving Procedures
    • Define Your Purchase Specifications - Define Your Standards
    • Reduce Purchasing Costs
    • Legal and Ethical Issues - Avoid Expensive Mistakes
  4. Inventory Control
    • General Inventory Procedures
    • Make the Most of Your Storage Areas
    • Track Inventory - Track Costs
    • Monthly and Annual Inventory Control
    • Inventory Levels Affect Cash Flow
    • Manage Your Stock Wisely and Maximize Profits
    • Reduce Inventory Pilferage
    • Reduce Costs - Streamline Issuing Procedures
    • Inventory Valuation Made Easy
    • Bar Inventory
  5. Portion Control
    • Portion Standardization - Putting It Into Practice
    • Precision Portioning Boosts Profits
    • Control Portions and Meet Customer Expectations
    • Monitor Portions Effectively
    • Improve Portion Control in the Restaurant
    • Reduce Wastage - Reduce Portion Costs
    • Mixed Drinks - Get the Proportions Right!
    • Serve Drinks in the Correct Glassware
    • Pouring Beers and Ales in the Correct Portions
    • Alcoholic Beverages and the Law - Strict Portion Control
  6. Theft
    • Insider Theft
    • Bartender Theft - Top-Ten Common Ploys
    • Less Common (But Equally Damaging) Employee Theft
    • Explore the Underlying "Excuses" for Theft
    • Introduce Theft-Reduction Procedures That Are Easy to Enforce
    • Reduce Opportunities for Thieving
    • Identify and Prevent Bookkeeper Theft
    • Minimize Inventory Theft
    • Manager Theft - The Danger Areas
    • Customers Can Also Be Thieves - Common Scams
  7. Drink Selection
    • Develop a Successful Beer Program
    • Make the Right Choice of Wines
    • Nonalcoholic Beverages - An Area of Opportunity
    • Cocktails - Reduce Costs While Increasing Customer Satisfaction
    • Trim Liquor Costs
    • Choose Drink Mixes Carefully - Make an Impact on Cost Reductions
    • Choosing the Right Suppliers for Your Beverage Requirements
    • Boost Profits By Choosing the Right Drink Recipes
    • Identify Loss-Leaders and Turn Them into Profit
    • Choose Well Liquors Wisely - Mistakes Can Bankrupt Your Business
  8. Staff Recruitment, Management & Training
    • Good Staff Is a Business's Greatest Asset - Hire the Best
    • Tips for Reducing Labor Costs
    • How You Train New Employees Can Have a Major Impact upon Your Business
    • Front-of-House Management Tips
    • Ongoing Training Is One of the Most Effective Ways of Retaining Staff
    • Winning Personal Serving Techniques - Set High Standards
    • Practical Tips for Training Bartenders
    • Employee Mismanagement Can Bankrupt Your Business
    • Bartender Recruitment and Selection Tips
    • Keep Staff Happy - Keep Labor Costs Down
  9. Other Opportunities to Control Costs in the Beverage Industry
    • The Working Environment - Cunning Cost-Reducing Tips
    • Extra Cost-Reducing Serving Tips
    • Extra Cost-Reducing Staffing Tips
    • Dispensing Draft Beer - Extra Cost-Reducing Tips
    • Extra Tips for Establishing a Successful Wine Program
    • Shop the Opposition
    • Banquet Beverages - Tips for Reducing Costs but Not Quality
    • Market Your New Bar - Profit-Boosting Tips
    • Extra Tips for Streamlining Your Bar Par Procedures
    • Encourage Bartenders to Do More than Serve - Encourage Them to Sell, As Well!
    • Surprise Your Customers with New Ideas on a Regular Basis
    • Streamline Bar Layout
    • Sales Are Slumping, Trade Is Dwindling - So, What Do You Do Next?
    • Top-Ten Tips for Increasing Tips
    • Additional Bar Equipment That Will Help Reduce Costs
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