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MenuPro Restaurant & All Foodservice Menu Design Software


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MenuPro Restaurant
Menu Design Software
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About specializes in the development and sales of software, devices and services for restaurants and all types of food service. Our client list includes some of the best known restaurants, hotels and culinary schools in the world. Our top sellers are our own IPro restaurant inventory software LRS restaurant pagers, and nutraCoster nutritional analysis software. We also carry the full line of the Culinary Institute of America's professional training videos.

Revised: 2/1/2020
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SoftCafe MenuPro Restaurant Menu Design Software - More Details
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MenuPro 10 Restaurant Menu Design Software
Product ID: SCMP10-007
Revised: 2/1/2020

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Key Features

Over 175 instant menu styles MenuPro's patent pending menu style technology lets you change your entire menu design with a single click. You can choose from over 175 different menu styles or customize your own.
Drag and Drop foods from a list to create menus MenuPro stores your food items in a database making it easy to create menus by simply dragging and dropping the food items on the menu. There's no need to retype or cut and paste.
Create any size menu in any style MenuPro can create any size menu with any menu style, including daily specials, dining room, wine lists, seasonal, and room service. It even prints automatic 2-up and 4-up table tents from any menu.
Culinary spell-checker Spell check with a 100,000+ English dictionary plus any of nine foreign language dictionaries including French, Italian, Spanish, German, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, British English, and even a special Culinary Dictionary.
Over 140 Monotype® fonts MenuPro comes with over 140 Monotype® fonts specifically selected for restaurant and hospitality menus. Monotype fonts are the highest quality fonts in the computer industry.
Hundreds of clip art images Add your restaurant logo or choose from hundreds of hospitality clip art images, watermark backgrounds, menu borders, and food symbols that come with MenuPro.
Create catering menu proposals with ease With its food item database MenuPro is perfect for caterers who create frequent menu proposals from a list of food items.
Use food categories to organize your foods MenuPro lets you store your food items under categories that are separate from your menus, letting you keep better track of seasonal items, specials, and large food lists.
Password protection Lets your staff create menus without allowing them to edit or modify your food database or menu designs.
Highlight foods with symbols and boxes Highlight the foods you prefer to sell with boxes or custom hospitality symbols and graphics.
Preview you menus in menu covers Before printing or while designing you can preview your menu in a simulated menu cover using MenuPro's patent pending menu cover preview display.
Menu smart text alignment No matter what menu style you choose MenuPro lines everything up. You can even fit your menu to any page with a single click.
Fax menus to customer or clients MenuPro works with WinFax® and other fax programs to allow faxing of menus to customers or clients.
No other software required MenuPro is easy to install and use. All fonts, menu styles, and images are installed automatically.
Convert MenuPro menus to PDF MenuPro converts any MenuPro menu into PDF file format. PDF files, opened with Acrobat Reader™ software (free), lets anyone view and print the menu exactly the way it's supposed to look. PDF files are also used by professional printers for printing your menus on a press.
Email or upload PDFs The PDF menu files created with MenuPro can be instantly uploaded to your web site with the built-in uploader or sent to customers or clients via e-mail attachment.

What's New in MenuPro 10

  • Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible
  • New Invert Menu creates instant inverted (black) menus from any menu
  • New JPG Export allows you to create JPG menus to post on Facebook or websites
  • New PDF Menu Scaling (from 10%-300%) for instant 'mini' menus or 'giant' menu board menus
  • New Concatenate PDF option allows concatenation of a PDF menu with any other PDF menu
  • New Image Effects allows you to modify images within MenuPro (lighten, darken, flip, and more)
  • New Hand-drawn Borders, Menu Backgrounds, and 25 Fresh New Menu Styles
  • New Selectable Highlight Name-Font option allowing selectable typeface
  • New Selectable Symbol Font option allows use of your own symbol font for menu item highlights
  • New Variable column width option allows larger/smaller Left/Right column widths
  • New Items in 3 Columns now selectable for any heading
  • Up to 7 Columns for overall Menu Style now available and selectable with any menu
  • New Food Item Description tweaks for left and right indents
  • Price layouts now selectable for specific headings/food item groups
  • Background Tile effect increased to 10 tiles and is now margin adjustable
  • New Effects options for Header/Footer and New Quick Margin Setups
  • New Auto-numbering command, automatically numbers all Bin/numbers on menu with 1-click
  • Improved Anti-Aliasing image display for vector images and all image types
  • Improved UNDO processing for many commands including Drag and Drop
  • New Revert and Undo Revert allows you to discard all changes and 'Revert' back to original menu
  • New Auto-Save lets you turn off MenuPro's default auto-save and discard menu changes at exit
  • Borders now fully transparent allowing full page colored backgrounds and watermarks with borders
  • Smart-Mark now checks prices for auto-cents (99¢)

More Upgrade Features for MenuPro 8 Users (MenuPro 9 Changes)

MenuPro 8 users get all of the above and the below when they upgrade from MenuPro 8 to MenuPro 10.

  • Windows 7 compatible
  • New Integrated PDF Creator 4.0 with CMYK Color profile
  • New Monotype fonts including Aldous Vertical, Bandolera, Bollatica, Old Glory, and more.
  • New Heading Effects including 'Opaque Box', 'Expand Spacing', and adjustable 'Shadow'
  • Box Multiple Items and Headings
  • Built-in FTP Uploader to upload PDF menus to your web site
  • New 'line between' column options for multi-column styles
  • New Grow/Shrink fonts command
  • New Menu Styles, image borders, and food item symbols
  • New Heading Art, line art and watermark backgrounds
  • Entire Food Photos collection now included (previously sold separately)
  • Entire Menu Design Illustrations collection now included (previously sold separately)
  • New 'Brush' highlights for Floating Text
  • Canadian-English Dictionary now included
  • New Backup and Restore feature
  • New View Paper Folds display for single, tri-fold, and gate-fold easy carry-out design
  • More 'Undo' options and tools for menu clean-up
  • Support for CSHEET (17 x 22) menu size
  • Companion XPS File creation and Grayscale PDF now supported
  • New licensing interface that lets you add additional users to your license at a reduced cost.
MenuPro and SoftCafe are registered trademarks of SoftCafe, LLC.  Monotype is a trademark of Monotype Typography Limited registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and certain other jurisdictions. WinFax is a registered trademark of Symantec Corporation.
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