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Software Apps, Pager Systems, Training DVDs and More for Restaurants, Bakeries, Food Manufacturers, Chefs and All Food Professionals

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About specializes in the development and sales of software, devices and services for restaurants and all types of food service. Our client list includes some of the best known restaurants, hotels and culinary schools in the world. Our top sellers are our own IPro restaurant inventory software LRS restaurant pagers, and nutraCoster nutritional analysis software. We also carry the full line of the Culinary Institute of America's professional training videos.

Revised: 12/15/2017
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• Featured Item

COMMLOG Restaurant Manager Daily Log System Set (Bound Paper Notebook)
ID: CL-GP1-00316
Our Price: $111.95

COMMLOGs are systems of preprinted spiral bound notebooks designed to make daily restaurant business logging and planning organized and easy. (These are bound paper books, not computer software.) Quarterly Manager Logs capture daily sales, schedules, plans, memos, shift notes, etc. Other log types available: Request ... more.
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EZChefSOFTWARE® Inventory, Menu Costing and Analysis for Restaurants for Excel
Our Price: $289.00

EZChefSOFTWARE® Inventory Management, Menu Costing and Analysis for Restaurants & Bars is a full-featured Microsoft Excel-based spreadsheet application that is powerful, intuitive and easy to use with an optional "one click" feature that imports all Sysco food products, with current prices, directly from a customers order... more.
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• Featured Item

Food Safety Products: Prep-Pal Food Rotation Label Software and Printer System
ID: ITD-PP-3.0-00299
Our Price: $199.00

Food Rotation Made Easy: Prep-Pal™ is a food rotation labeling system that is easy to use, inexpensive and far superior to labeling food by hand. The system is a special combination of software, label printer and labels that are specifically designed for restaurants and other commercial food manufacturers who must routinel... more.
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IPro Series 40 Restaurant Inventory, Recipe & Menu Software
ID: IPro40-008
Our Price: $49.95

IPro restaurant and general food service inventory and recipe cost control software dramatically reduces food and beverage costs by detecting creeping costs, overuse, theft and unknown costs. IPro features periodic and perpetual inventory for food, liquor and supplies, build-to-par ordering, purchase history, vendor comparison, recipe co... more.
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• Featured Item

Restaurant Recipe Costing, Inventory & Menu Profitability Spreadsheet Workbook for Excel
ID: RRG-RIMW-00138
Our Price: $129.00

This set of pre-configured and customizeable Microsoft Excel restaurant spreadsheets are for chefs, managers and owners who want to quickly and easily maintain food and beverage inventory, cost and recost recipes as ingredient costs change, print recipe sheets, calculate food cost percentages and margins and determine "theoretical food co... more.
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Digital Menu Board and Sign Display System for Flat Screens by doPublicity
ID: DP-SAAS-A-D424DX-00284
Our Price: $399.00


This Digital Menu Board and Sign System by doPublicity lets you easily create and remotely manage display screens, signage content, banners and playlists for single or multiple displays in any location from any other location. With this system of web-based sign design templates, software and wireless media players, you can create dyna... more.
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• Best Seller!

Instant Restaurant Employee Handbook Creator CD - for 2014 and After
ID: AP-EHB-CS-0052
Our Price: $59.95  Compare to MSRP: $99.95

Use Instant Employee Handbook Creator to write your own official Company Employee Handbook with most of the writing already done for you so you don't have to start from scratch! This is a CD with word processing files that you can open with any word processor on PCs or Macs and modify as you require. Reviewed and revised by legal... more.
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LRS Pager System: PRONTO One Button Push-for-Service Paging System
ID: LRS-PRONTO1-S1-00215
Our Price: $199.95  Compare to MSRP: $269.95

This system is ideal for simple paging requirements such as push-for-service service counter buttons or calling managers to the front of the house when things get busy. The set includes an LRS PRONTO one-button push-for-service transmitter and one alphanumeric text display pager and program kit. The PRONTO can be flat- or wall-mounted.... more.
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LRS Pager System: Push-for-Service Text System with 5-Button Butler + 2, 3 or 5 Pagers
ID: BUTLERii5-T2-5-00260
Our Price: $379.95

This system is ideal for simple paging requirements such as push-for-service service counter buttons or calling managers to the front of the house when things get busy. The set includes an LRS Butler II five-button push-for-service transmitter and options for two, three or five alphanumeric text display pagers and a program kit. Works wi... more.
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QuickPlan Restaurant Business Plan Software
ID: DC-QPR-005
Our Price: $169.95

QuickPlan rapidly develops restaurant business plans you can take to the bank! Whether you are starting a fine-dining, full-service or fast-food restaurant, are looking for expansion capital to open your next restaurant or want to sell your multi-restaurant chain, with QuickPlan, all you have to do edit and fill in the details of an alre... more.
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Restaurant Accounting: Restaurant Operators Complete Guide to Quickbooks E-Book Download
ID: RRGC-GQ-E-0054
Our Price: $79.00

This is a detailed, step-by-step, restaurant-specific guide to the QuickBooks, the most popular small business accounting software in the world. It includes customized, ready-to-use QuickBooks company files for full- and quick-service restaurants to get you up and running right away! Downloadable e-book for i... more.
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• On Special!

Restaurant Spreadsheet Library for Excel Bundle Deal
ID: RRG-0277-00277
Our Price: $229.00  Compare to MSRP: $297

This master library of pre-configured and customizeable Microsoft Excel restaurant spreadsheets includes all of our most popular spreadsheets at a great bundle price. Authored by a leading restaurant accounting consultant, this collection includes: Restaurant Operations & Management Spreadsheet Software Library for Excel, Rec... more.
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• On Special!

Waitstaff Training Video: The Perfect Match - Wine and Food by the Culinary Institute of America
ID: CIA-1-58315-332-2-00158
Our Price: $29.95  Compare to MSRP: $49.95

This DVD emphasizes the importance that wine plays in the dining experience. With more and more people drinking wine, it's important to be knowledgeable about the differences between varietals. "Red wine with meat and white wine with fish or chicken" is no longer the rule. Demystify the world of wine and food paring with this video by ... more.
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Bar Management Training: The Professional Bar & Beverage Manager's Handbook with CD
ID: AP-PBB-01-00204
Our Price: $59.95  Compare to MSRP: $79.95

The Professional Bar & Beverage Manager's Handbook is a comprehensive book with companion CD that details how to set up, operate and manage a financially successful bar, tavern and night club. The companion CD contains all the forms from the book in a PDF format for easy use, plus a 100+ page business plan in Microsoft Word. ... more.
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Book: How to Succeed in the High-Risk Restaurant Business (By Someone Who Did)
ID: AP-1-60138-024-0-00355
Our Price: $24.95

Food Service Management: How to Succeed in the High-Risk Restaurant Business—By Someone Who Did reveals all the hidden facets of the fast-paced restaurant business and show you how to succeed as a food service manager. The author, Bill Wentz, speaks from successful experience, making his advice all the more valuable. Wentz... more.
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• On Special!

Chef Training Bundle Deal SAVE $$$: Chef's Master Video Library- Culinary Institute of America
ID: CIA-CTML-00219
Our Price: $799.00

SAVE $$$ Developed by the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America (CIA), this master library of chef training videos are grouped in a specially priced bundle of 19 DVDs and 2 CDs. Titles in the bundle include: Culinary Knife Series, the Basic Kitchen Preparation Series, the G... more.
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