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Software Apps, Pager Systems, Training DVDs and More for Restaurants, Bakeries, Food Manufacturers, Chefs and All Food Professionals

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About specializes in the development and sales of software, devices and services for restaurants and all types of food service. Our client list includes some of the best known restaurants, hotels and culinary schools in the world. Our top sellers are our own IPro restaurant inventory software LRS restaurant pagers, and nutraCoster nutritional analysis software. We also carry the full line of the Culinary Institute of America's professional training videos.

Revised: 5/26/2019
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• On Special!

Restaurant Spreadsheet Library for Excel Bundle Deal
ID: RRG-0277-00277
Our Price: $299.00  Compare to MSRP: $449

This master library of pre-configured and customizeable Microsoft Excel restaurant spreadsheets includes all of our most popular spreadsheets at a great bundle price. Authored by a leading restaurant accounting consultant, this collection includes: Restaurant Operations & Management Spreadsheet Software Library for Excel, Rec... more.
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Restaurant Training / Waiter Training DVD: Service That Sells! - For Full Serve Restaurants
Our Price: $129.00

No Train? No gain! Use Service That Sells! (Full Serve Restaurant Version) to increase profits in your full service restaurant. Emphasizing the three-fold philosophy of caring behavior, precision service and sales performance, this DVD uses real-world scenarios and training examples to improve customer service, increase sales and ... more.
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• On Special!

Restaurant Training: Exceeding Expectations: Fine Dining Waitstaff Tips & Techniques
ID: CIA-1-58315-330-6-00229
Our Price: $39.95  Compare to MSRP: $99.95

This is CIA's latest front-of-the-house training DVD. It provides a comprehensive lesson in the principles, standards and practices that define outstanding service, and is highly recommended for fine dining waitstaff training. Lessons include Dining Room Guidelines, Table Setting and Hospitality Basics, Tray Handlingmore.
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Temp-Taker™ 3 Digital HACCP Food Safety Temperature Logging System
ID: ITD-TT3-00222
Our Price: $795.00

Temp-Taker™ 3 Digital HACCP Food Safety Temperature Log System: The Temp-Taker™ 3 is a food safety system that automates food temperature plans. It combines a digital logging thermometer and PC software. The system is customized to automate your cafeteria’s or restaurant's HACCP temperature log plan and is ready to use out of the box. ... more.
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Waitstaff Training Handbook- A Complete Guide to the Proper Steps in Service for F & B Employees
ID: AP-WWT-TH-00169
Our Price: $29.95

This handbook covers every aspect of customer service for the positions of host, waiter or waitress, head waiter, captain and bus person. The detailed performance of each position is described for different types of establishments and service.... more.
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ARCT Pager System for Office/ Medical/ Restaurant Server/ Church Nursery (20 Pagers)
ID: ARCT-01-SP20-00294
Our Price: $1179.00

This general-purpose paging system by ARCT is typically used in restaurant, office, church nursery, clinical and industrial applications where inconspicuous pagers for staff, guests, parents or patients may be worn and kept and used for hours or all day. This complete system kit includes the transmitter, pagers and pager charger an... more.
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• On Special!

ARCT Pager System for Restaurant Guests/ Patients/ Customers (10+ Pagers)
ID: ARCT-1505GK2A-10-00236
Our Price: $584.95  Compare to MSRP: $799

Restaurant guest pager system by ARCT for customer or patient paging too. Plug-and-play kit is complete with transmitter, 10 pagers and charger system. Pagers alert guests or clients with silent pagers that vibrate, flash or beep. No monthly fees. Tough restaurant pagers are built to withstand abuse. Often used in hospitals, ... more.
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Bar Management Training: The Professional Bar & Beverage Manager's Handbook with CD
ID: AP-PBB-01-00204
Our Price: $59.95  Compare to MSRP: $79.95

The Professional Bar & Beverage Manager's Handbook is a comprehensive book with companion CD that details how to set up, operate and manage a financially successful bar, tavern and night club. The companion CD contains all the forms from the book in a PDF format for easy use, plus a 100+ page business plan in Microsoft Word. ... more.
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Book: How to Succeed in the High-Risk Restaurant Business (By Someone Who Did)
ID: AP-1-60138-024-0-00355
Our Price: $24.95

Food Service Management: How to Succeed in the High-Risk Restaurant Business—By Someone Who Did reveals all the hidden facets of the fast-paced restaurant business and show you how to succeed as a food service manager. The author, Bill Wentz, speaks from successful experience, making his advice all the more valuable. Wentz... more.
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• On Special!

Chef Training Bundle Deal SAVE $$$: Chef's Master Video Library- Culinary Institute of America
ID: CIA-CTML-00219
Our Price: $799.00

SAVE $$$ Developed by the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America (CIA), this master library of chef training videos are grouped in a specially priced bundle of 19 DVDs and 2 CDs. Titles in the bundle include: Culinary Knife Series, the Basic Kitchen Preparation Series, the G... more.
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COMMLOG Restaurant Manager Daily Log (English/Spanish - Bound Paper Notebook)
ID: CL-ML-QCLG-00214
Our Price: $39.99

COMMLOGs are systems of preprinted spiral bound notebooks designed to make daily restaurant business logging and planning organized and easy. "What goes in is what goes on." (These are bound paper books, not computer software.) Quarterly Manager Logs capture daily sales, schedules, plans, memos, shift notes, etc. En... more.
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Food Label Applicator: Primera AP550 Flat-Surface Food Label Applicator
ID: PTI-AP550-00159
Our Price: $2495.00

Primera's AP550 semi-automatic flat-surface label applicator makes it fast and easy to precisely apply product and ID labels onto a wide range of flat surfaces such as rectangular or tapered bottles, boxes, packages, bags, pouches, lids, tins and much more. Labels are applied straight without wrinkles or folds in exactly the location desi... more.
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Food Label Dispenser: Labelmate LD 100/200 Label Dispensers
ID: LAB-LD100-RS-00388
Our Price: $549.00

Labelmate label dispensers help you quickly and easily peel and present labels from rolls. This important time- and labor-saving equipment greatly improves productivity over manually pealing labels from rolls. This is also necessary for use with non-round or irregular packaging that cannot be processed with label applicators (which only... more.
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• New Item

Food Label Printer Rewinder: Labelmate CAT-2P-CHUCK-220 for Primera LX800/900
ID: LM-CAT-2P-CHUCK-220-00385
Our Price: $1099.00  Compare to MSRP: $1145

Label rewinders re-roll labels as they are printed back into a roll on a core so the printed labels can be used in a label applicator, label splitter or other device. Rewinders are essential for printing long runs of labels. The CAT-2P is the only rewinder certified by Primera for use with the LX800/900 Series Color Label Printers. Lab... more.
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Food Label Printer Rewinder: Labelmate MC-11 for Zebra Desktop Printers
ID: LAB-MC-11-00386
Our Price: $525.00

Label rewinders re-roll labels as they are printed back into a roll on a core so the printed labels can be used in a label applicator, label splitter or other device. Rewinders are essential for printing long runs of labels. The Labelmate Mini-Cat MC-11 is an economical rewinder that features an adjustable paper guide for label roll cor... more.
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Food Label Printer: Primera LX2000 Full Color Label Printer
ID: PTI-LX2000-00300
Our Price: $3895.00

The LX2000 is Primera's newest and fastest pigment inkjet label printer and represents an entirely new label printer class that features low enough cost-per-label printing such that color labels becomes cost-effective where they never were before. The LX2000 is perfect for labeling food products, especially mid- and high-end, limited pro... more.
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